A Wedding Dress Collection from Beneath The Gown

We have some really exciting news here at Beneath The Gown! You can now find our new collection of backless wedding dresses at The White Dress by The Shore!

From Beth Chapman, owner of The White Dress by the Shore, “We have introduced the Beneath the Gown Bridal Collection with 2 sensuous styles. Both are lace, lined with stretch charmeuse, and have delicate straps and plunging backs. We have these styles sampled in sizes 2, 10 and 14 to try on and are they wonderfully priced at $2500. The silhouettes are customizable and Josie provides the option of visiting her boutique in Branford for a custom muslin fitting, which allows our brides to see their gown in the process of being made! Ring us at 860.669.4596 to try these beauties on!”

We cannot wait to share more and have brides join us in this one of a kind custom dress experience. Josie & Heidi

Photography by Carla Ten Eyck | Hair and Makeup by Jennie Fresa Brow & Beauty Bar


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Lingerie spring cleaning tips

The weather is starting to warm up and we are all anxiously awaiting Springs arrival by doing some cleaning. Out with the old in with the new! Chance are we have forgotten to clean out one very important drawer, our lingerie one. Undergarments are worn daily and usually for hours, and though we may not realize it, our undergarments can make or break an outfit. So we want to make sure that the condition and fit of our pieces are always up to par.  Its time to go through all our lingerie and decide which pieces are worthy of keeping and which ones need to be tossed. Here are a few tips on how to make this tough decision.

Say goodbye to your Bra if:

  • The band or straps are stretched out
  • The cup has lost its shape or looks dimpled
  • The wire is warped or protruding
  • The appearance of the bra seems faded or rough

Say goodbye to your panties if:

  • It has a hole, no matter how small
  • Any stains
  • Is too tight or loose
  • If the stitching on the elastic is missing

If your bras passed the condition test now its time to check to see if they fit properly. A proper fitting bra means that you are not spilling out of the cups and there is not gap. The correct band size means the band is snug but not tight or loose, a bra too big in the band will ride up your back. You can test this by raising your arms straight up and if the cup doesn’t move your bra passes the test, but if your breast is visible under the wire, I’m sorry but its time to say goodbye. If you find the testing overwhelming please make an appointment with one of our personal lingerie stylists  who will be more than happy to help you test your bras from home as well as helping you find some new pieces to incorporate into your lingerie wardrobe. The perfect fitting undergarments will make  your clothes look fabulous. 

Here are a few of our favorite organizing ideas:

lingerie storage

Properly caring for your bras will make them last longer

bra organizing

Placing bras in a row keeps the bras from loosing their shape and lets you have a full view of all your pieces

bra storage

We love how this lingerie storage has a space for every panty while still keeping all bras visible

show box organization

DIY Lingerie Organizer

Now that  you have chosen which pieces you will keep remember to care for them properly. In order for your molded bra cups to keep its shape, store them in a row with similar bras, folding the cups into each other will create dimples or creases.  Wash your pieces by hand to expand its life, if you decide to toss your lingerie in the washer we suggest you use the delicate cycle and a lingerie bag and then lay flat and let air dry. Same goes for panties.

All clients are treated to a complimentary professional bra fitting by our “Certified Fit” staff. You can set up an appointment by calling us (203)433-2023 or email us: info@beneaththegown.com


BTG Team

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Bridal undergarment tips

Our motto is, “A Beautiful Gown Starts with the Perfect Foundation.” Your bridal undergarments determine a great fit so that you look incredible in your wedding gown on your big day. Just like a house needs a strong solid foundation, so does your gown. Here at Beneath The Gown we ensure that you have the proper fit for your gown, body type and/or personal style. We customize and tailor not only your bridal undergarments to your exact need, we also create a customized experience. We believe that building relationships with our clients is key to our success and their comfort level. We are dedicated in offering impeccable service and making an appointment allows us to give you the proper time and attention while creating an unforgettable experience. We will provide service through your gown fitting process and can customize your pieces at any time. You can be sure that when you visit you will be whisked away into a spa like environment where you can relax and enjoy a cup of tea in a private intimate fitting room. Before you head to your first gown fitting you want to make sure that your bridal undergarments are all set. We recommend scheduling your undergarment fitting at least one month prior to your first gown fitting, to ensure that your undergarments are ready in case they need to be customized or adjusted.

From your engagement, boudoir session, rehearsal dinner, getting ready, wedding day, honeymoon and beyond here at Beneath The Gown we love to tell brides that from your engagement and beyond you always need that solid foundation. Bridal undergarments don’t have to be just for your wedding day, you can bring in your engagement session outfits, rehearsal dinner dress, day after brunch outfit, special night out dresses for your honeymoon and we can ensure that everything fits you perfectly and comfortably with the right undergarments. As well as providing the perfect foundation for brides we also work with mother of the occasion and bridesmaids.

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valentine’s day gift ideas

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! While some will be running around looking for roses, chocolates and a bottle of some bubbly we want to spread the love to all. Couples will reaffirm their love, but February 14th is not just for those in a romantic relationship. Spread the love by telling those you love and who love you that you love them. Indulge in a new bra or beautiful lingerie piece. Everyone deserves to have lingerie that shows off their curves all while giving  great support and of course by being a beautiful piece.  Give a friend, sister, aunt or Mom a gift card so they can come in for a one on one complimentary fitting with one of our Bra Fit Specialist. If you’ve visited us before and have a wish list, send your love our way! See a bra, a set, chemise or babydoll on our blog or social media that you like? Call us and we can gift wrap it and have it ready for pick up. Can’t make it here before Saturday? Give us a call and we can email you a gift certificate.


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Lingerie Care tips

You finally find the perfect fitting bra and great fitting panties to match, but you ask yourself “How do I wash them?” Washing your lingerie is fairly easy. While some pieces may say they can be washed in a gentle cycle, the best way is to hand wash. Taking care of your lingerie will extend the life of your pieces and keep the fabrics from fraying, becoming brittle, or losing its shape. You should wash your everyday bras every 4-5 wears, sportbras should be washed more often. Some pieces will require washing after every use. We suggest you use your judgment for those pieces. We love Panache’s post on lingerie care and have added our touch and tips to theirs.


Hand washing tips:

1. Fill a basin, sink or plastic container with cool to warm water. If you are using a sink, make sure it’s clean of any residue to avoid any bleaching or dis coloring of your lingerie.

2. Make sure you wash your delicates with like colors to prevent your light colored lingerie from looking dingy or becoming dis colored.

3. Add a little bit of lingerie detergent, amount depends on the kind you use. Swish your lingerie pieces in the water. If you need to treat a stain gently rub the fabric together or between your fingers.

4. Soak for 10-20 minutes

5. Rinse under cool water.

6. Squeeze the excess water gently. Do not wring or twist the lingerie. You can also lay your lingerie pieces on a dry clean towel and blot the excess water.

7. Air dry your lingerie by laying them flat on a towel or hanging them. Hanging is the best way to dry bras with molded cups.

If you want to use the gentle cycle on your washer make sure to use a lingerie bag. You can place a few pieces inside each bag. Make sure to clasp your bras so that the hooks do not become caught on another lingerie piece or the lingerie wash bag. Wash your delicates with like colors and with other delicates from your wardrobe. Avoid washing them with items like towels, jeans or jackets since the harsh fabric , buckles and zippers can cause damage to the fabric.

Your lingerie is a precious investment. Not only will you look and feel your best but you want to make sure that by caring for your pieces properly, you are still getting all the benefits of the proper support. While some pieces can last months and even a couple years, everyday bras should be replaced every 8-12 months. If you have a favorite bra, we recommend having 2-3 in same or different color so that the bras can be alternated which will help extend the life of the bra.

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