Lingerie Shower Ideas

We are seeing lingerie shower ideas popping up everywhere, of course we love the idea! Did you know you can host your very own lingerie shower for the bride to be right here at our boutique. Enjoy having Beneath The Gown just for you and the girls. It is all about an evening of fun for everyone. You can decorate and setup while everyone looks around and tries on something cute and lacy. Chip in and get something cute for the bride and of course something just for you. Hanky Pankys also make an adorable favor. Enjoy special discounts just for your party and most of all come and have fun. Here are some of our favorite lingerie shower ideas. Give us a ring {203-433-2023} or e-mail us {josie@beneaththegown} to book your lingerie shower.

{Image Via A Southern Hostess}

lingerie shower 1

{Image Via Designs by Nicolina}
lingerie shower 2

{Image Via Hostess with the Mostess}
lingerie shower 3

{Image Via}
lingerie shower 4

{Image Via Pinterest}
lingerie shower 5
{Image Via Pinterest}
lingerie shower 6

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