Lingerie Care tips

You finally find the perfect fitting bra and great fitting panties to match, but you ask yourself “How do I wash them?” Washing your lingerie is fairly easy. While some pieces may say they can be washed in a gentle cycle, the best way is to hand wash. Taking care of your lingerie will extend the life of your pieces and keep the fabrics from fraying, becoming brittle, or losing its shape. You should wash your everyday bras every 4-5 wears, sportbras should be washed more often. Some pieces will require washing after every use. We suggest you use your judgment for those pieces.¬†We love Panache’s post on lingerie care and have added our touch and tips to theirs.


Hand washing tips:

1. Fill a basin, sink or plastic container with cool to warm water. If you are using a sink, make sure it’s clean of any residue to avoid any bleaching or dis coloring of your lingerie.

2. Make sure you wash your delicates with like colors to prevent your light colored lingerie from looking dingy or becoming dis colored.

3. Add a little bit of lingerie detergent, amount depends on the kind you use. Swish your lingerie pieces in the water. If you need to treat a stain gently rub the fabric together or between your fingers.

4. Soak for 10-20 minutes

5. Rinse under cool water.

6. Squeeze the excess water gently. Do not wring or twist the lingerie. You can also lay your lingerie pieces on a dry clean towel and blot the excess water.

7. Air dry your lingerie by laying them flat on a towel or hanging them. Hanging is the best way to dry bras with molded cups.

If you want to use the gentle cycle on your washer make sure to use a lingerie bag. You can place a few pieces inside each bag. Make sure to clasp your bras so that the hooks do not become caught on another lingerie piece or the lingerie wash bag. Wash your delicates with like colors and with other delicates from your wardrobe. Avoid washing them with items like towels, jeans or jackets since the harsh fabric , buckles and zippers can cause damage to the fabric.

Your lingerie is a precious investment. Not only will you look and feel your best but you want to make sure that by caring for your pieces properly, you are still getting all the benefits of the proper support. While some pieces can last months and even a couple years, everyday bras should be replaced every 8-12 months. If you have a favorite bra, we recommend having 2-3 in same or different color so that the bras can be alternated which will help extend the life of the bra.

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