The Truth About Molded Bras

Le Mystere weighs in on the the truth about molded bras and why it is a myth that they make you look bigger.

Why Go Molded?
There;s a bra myth out there we’d like to clear up. It’s one that could change the way you feel about yourself in clothing.

What is a molded bra?
They have cups that are pre-shaped and designed to mirror the natural shape of the breasts. They are primarily designed for comfort and lift. Most are unlined and unpadded.

Molded bras DO NOT make you look bigger.

Molded bras are ideal for virtually all bust sizes small, average and full and here’s why:

A/B Cups:
Molding is a preformed cup which means no gaping or wrinkling even if your bust doesn’t fill out the cup.

C/D/E Cups:
Molding offers lift to full breasts that loose cups cannot.

F/G Cups:
The density of the mold in this size keeps heavy breasts from sagging without making you look an inch bigger.

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